Pergamum and Cadila Pharmaceuticals to develop novel treatment for infections


Will collaborate on the preclinical and clinical development of a new therapeutic peptide

Swedish biopharmaceutical firm Pergamum has announced a strategic collaboration with Cadila Pharmaceuticals to develop a treatment for infections with a novel targeting mechanism. Pergamum is part of the Karolinska Development portfolio.

The two companies will collaborate on the preclinical and clinical development of Pergamum’s novel therapeutic peptide. The development will take place at Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ plant in Ahmedabad, India. Cadila will be responsible for all costs related to the development of the product up to Phase II and global rights will be shared between the companies.

‘Pergamum has developed a new class of short synthetic peptides with both anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties derived from the body’s own defence system,’ said CEO Jonas Ekblom.

‘There is a rapidly increasing global prevalence of antibiotics resistance that limits the therapeutic value of conventional products, and we think that we can meet this need with this novel therapeutic peptide.’

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Rajiv Modi, Chairman and Managing Director of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, added: ‘This partnership combines Cadila’s advanced product development capabilities with the innovative capacity of Pergamum. Cadila Pharmaceuticals brings its expertise in drug development and demonstrates that commitment towards developing affordable innovative compounds to the market in this collaboration.’