Peristaltic pump fills sensitive drugs safely


Offset roller arrangement for higher precision and less stress in the tubing

A new peristaltic pump from Bosch Packaging Technology offers the pharmaceutical industry a new method of efficient, safe and user-friendly production when using a disposable filing system or when the product characteristics prevent the use of piston pumps.

The use of disposable filling systems eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilising the product paths during batch or product changes. The core of a disposable system is a high precision pump solution that allows for the tubing to be changed quickly. The Bosch peristaltic pump offers accurate fill volumes and simple operation.

The pump can be mounted on a trolley for additional flexibility

The pump can be mounted on a trolley for additional flexibility

The pump housing, rotor and rollers are made from stainless steel. The offset arrangement of the rollers not only reduces flow pulsations (and therefore improves precision), but also reduces stress on the tubing. This helps manufacturers to lengthen production cycles by guaranteeing higher filling accuracy.

The pivoting pump head cover allows the pump to be opened without tools and without removing the cover parts and setting them aside. The operator can open the pump with one hand, change the tubing and then close the pump.

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‘The primary objective in the development of this pump was the best possible suitability for daily production, not to mention the obvious advantages when used in isolator or barrier systems,’ said Klaus Ullherr, product manager for Bosch Packaging Technology Pharma Division.