Pierre Fabre and H-Immune launch research partnership to cancer immunotherapies


Focus on solid tumours provides range of possible cancer indications as targets for immuno-oncology therapeutics

Pierre Fabre, the second largest privately held pharmaceutical company in France, and H-Immune SAS, an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing first in class immunotherapies for treatment of various cancers, have entered into a research partnership.

Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation will collaborate with H-Immune to utilise an In Vitro Immunisation (IVI) platform for the development of fully human monoclonal antibody candidates, without immunogenic side effects due to humanisation.

The partnership is to utilise H-Immune's unique technology platform to generate lead candidates of fully human antibodies. This will serve as the initial step in a programme to develop immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pierre Fabre will have access to H-Immune's IVI technology for three different discovery programmes in the field of immuno-oncology.

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Laurent Audoly, Head of R and D of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals, said: "H-Immune is developing an antibody technology platform that we are looking forward to accessing as part of our ongoing efforts to identify and develop world-class novel cancer therapeutics.”