Pierre Fabre signs partnership with SETUBIO as part of the Nature Open Library programme


SETUBIO will explore the plant collection made available by Pierre Fabre to develop new actives for human and animal health

Pierre Fabre signs partnership with SETUBIO as part of the Nature Open Library programme

Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the second largest private French pharmaceutical group, and the Auvergne-based biotech company SETUBIO, a specialist in microbial biotechnology, announce the signing of a partnership agreement within the framework of the Nature Open Library programme.

Nature Open Library is an original open innovation initiative launched by Pierre Fabre Laboratories to develop the therapeutic properties of the 15,000 plants stored in its plant library, the biggest plant collection belonging to a private pharmaceutical company.

Both companies will rely on SETUBIO's high-throughput biological screening platform to identify new pharmaceutical active molecules for animal and human health.

Jean-Christophe Sergère, CEO of SETUBIO, comments: "This partnership is a great recognition of the sometimes-unique tools that our company has been developing for more than a decade now. Access to PIERRE FABRE's collection is a wonderful opportunity for us to expand SETUBIO's portfolio of actives of interest, for infectious animal and human pathologies, nutraceutics and restoring the microbiota involved in many metabolic diseases."

"This collaboration with SETUBIO confirms the relevance of our open innovation initiative, Nature Open Library, which is aimed at exploiting all the potential of our 15,000 plant collection."

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"It enables us to envisage the discovery of new therapeutic uses of plant extracts in sectors corresponding to or complementing our major fields of research," said Laurent Audoly, R&D Director, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals.