Porvair produces advanced porous plastic for healthcare applications

Vyon offers a range of properties beneficial to medical and healthcare device companies

Porvair Sciences – a producer of high-performance filtration and separation technology – offers a range of cutting-edge Vyon porous plastic materials for medical and healthcare device companies.

Suited to healthcare and medical applications, Vyon is a versatile porous plastic, the surface of which can be modified to gain hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, or enhanced to achieve specific chemical and biochemical separations. In addition, Vyon offers inherent properties for venting. Allowing closed environments to breathe while maintaining bacterial resistance is highly desirable and a key property in a wide range of medical applications.

The hydrophilic version of Vyon has been shown to produce further benefits when used with aqueous solutions. By adding a material that swells on contact with aqueous solutions to the Vyon composite material, an effective shut-off valve is produced and unwanted fluid transmission is prevented.

For these reasons, Vyon is used to produce drug filters, vents for catheters, medical collection vessels and operating theatre bone mixing cement. Vyon is available in a range of shapes and sizes.