Power Voice System: the first isolator with integrated voice commands

Published: 18-Jun-2021

This new technology leads to greater overall efficiency

FPS is proud to introduce the first isolator with integrated voice commands. It is in fact the first time that this type of technology is applied to the world of containment.

The project is the brainchild of the president and technical director of FPS, Carlo Corsini and of his team, and the collaboration with SIEMENS. This innovation responds to the requests of the industrial world, which works offline (i.e. not connected), to increase productivity while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

During the handling phases inside an isolator, the operator often has to execute some commands, for example, the management of the doors, the opening of the process valves or the control on the integrated machines.

To reduce production time and to facilitate work and reclamation procedures, FPS was looking for a new technology that would allow the operator to perform various tasks without ever having to take his hands out of his gloves to implement commands on the control panel (HMI), thus making the work much easier and smoother.

Voice control leads to greater overall efficiency in the operational dynamic. It creates a true dialogue with the machine, which responds to commands immediately and accurately. In addition, the automation of certain commands also allows the wear and tear of certain machine components, such as gloves, to be contained.

The isolator with voice commands is available at our MEC (Micronization Excellence Center) to test this innovative way of working without interruptions

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