Priorclave launches 60L bench-top autoclave


The H60 has a 60-litre horizontal chamber and comes with single or double heating elements

Priorclave, a London, UK-based manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves, has increased the chamber capacity of its bench-top 40-litre autoclave by 50% in a response to customer demands.

The result is the new H60 autoclave, with a 60-litre horizontal chamber, an internal chamber diameter of 350mm and a working depth of 625mm. It operates at up to 138ºC, 2.4bar and is available with either a single or double heating elements, giving cycle times of 90 or 75 minutes respectively.
The H60 is a 60-litre bench-top autoclave

The H60 is a 60-litre bench-top autoclave

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The H60 also features the TACTROL 2 microprocessor control system with staged illumination giving digital readouts of cycle status as well as easy setting of temperature and time.

As part of the Compact range, the H60 is classed as a one of Priorclave’s bench-top models, but realising that the increased external depth of 865mm may restrict placement on a laboratory bench, the company is able to supply a special stand to facilitate mounting adjacent to a working surface.

Priorclave claims to have one of the largest ranges of standard steam sterilisers, from compact bench-top front loading to free-standing top-loading and high capacity front-loading autoclaves, as well as through-the-wall double entry machines.