Quotient and Capsugel form lipid formulations partnership


Aim to address issues of poor solubility

Quotient Clinical and Capsugel have teamed up to address drug delivery challenges in lipid-based formulations.

The collaboration integrates Quotient’s RapidFACT clinical manufacturing and testing service with Capsugel’s lipid-based formulation expertise.

The two companies hope to solve issues with poor solubility of molecules.

As part of the collaboration, Quotient will use Capsugel’s CFS liquid capsule filling and sealing technology at its facility in Nottingham, UK and will be able to access Capsugel’s formulation expertise at its development centre in Strasbourg, France.

Mark Egerton, managing director of Quotient Clinical, said the collaboration would help customers address prevalent drug delivery challenges for poorly soluble compounds in a more effective way.

Keith Hutchison, senior vice president of r&d at Capsugel, added: ‘Our expertise with poorly soluble drugs includes a proprietary predictive modelling technology based on an extensive database of lipid formulations that allows us to find the best formulas quickly.’

He added that Capsugel also has a broad knowledge of capsules and the firm’s Licaps liquid filling and sealing technology would help speed up the development process.

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‘These are perfect complements to Quotient’s ability to accelerate the generation of human clinical data and we look forward to offering the new service to our global customers,’ he said.