Respira Technologies pursues API partnerships for new nebuliser


US-based Respira has launched pharmaceutical-focused commercial development platform for RespiRx medical device platform

Respira Technologies, a health-technology platform development company, has launched its pharmaceutical-focused commercial development program for the RespiRx drug delivery device platform.

Respira Technologies' mission is to improve the standard of patient care and to improve public health outcomes by creating and commercialising cutting-edge drug delivery platforms. Founder and CEO, Mario Danek, said: "The current landscape of drug delivery platforms lacks the patient-focused attributes necessary to address the high rate of patient misuse of daily controller medications, including nebulisers."

Danek created the ResipRx to be the first truly patient-focused & ultra-portable handheld Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer (VMN) for local and systemic treatment. The RespiRx combines breakthrough performance and superior human factors for vastly improved patient care & outcomes, across the fullest spectrum of pressure and thermosensitive APIs.

Danek added: "The RespiRx was created to address the patient's unmet needs for improved care. The current landscape of medical aerosolising devices being offered for treatment today, require ongoing cleaning and maintenance by the user and often are lacking in features such as Bluetooth-enabled mobile applications for real-time accurate dose measurement - all of which the RespiRx provides."

The RespiRx is the first orientation agnostic VMN device that effectively operates portably and in any position held by the patient. Current generation nebulisers are gravity fed, which limits usage occasions and can lead to improper use and/or lower rates of drug delivery efficacy as the device must be held in an upright position for proper operation, sometimes straining the inspiratory abilities of patients struggling with respiratory function. Multiple studies have shown high rates of nebuliser misuse due to their design limitations and thus, are a likely cofactor as to why adherence rates for daily controller medications are under 40%.

In addition, the RespiRx has a pre-filled cartridge or TSDCTM (Total System Delivery Cartridge) that includes a disposable piezo element and the drug compound suspended in an aqueous solution. This unique format improves convenience and eliminates the opportunity for patient error and misuse due to lack of proper cleaning. The TSDCTM is programmable for precise dose delivery and is Bluetooth enabled for dose delivery tracking, measurement, and EMR data collection for the health care provider.

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The company sees significant opportunity to combine its drug delivery technologies in partnership with drug development companies. Target indications for the RespiRx include the treatment of asthma, COPD, potential vaccine delivery, pain management, nicotine replacement therapy, and investigative new drugs such as inhalable insulin.