Retsch has the answer to quality assurance


In the manufacture of effective high-quality preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, the analysis of the active substances and other ingredients is an important step. The size of the sample to be analysed is stipulated for each product, meaning that a mixed sample must be obtained, normally consisting of 10-20 tablets.

For the determination of the active substances, it is important that the individual tablets are ground to provide an homogeneous sample mixture and that this process does not cause any alteration to, or contamination of, the individual active substances.

The Retsch mixer mills MM 200 and MM 301 are particularly suitable for such rapid and efficient sample preparation of tablets and capsules. In contrast to the lengthy, laborious methods of sample preparation involving grinding the sample in a mortar, treating it with a solvent and extracting the analytes using ultrasound, using the Retsch mixer mills is simple, reliable and fast.

The complete grinding and extraction procedure takes around two minutes, with subsequent centrifugation taking approximately five minutes. The use of the same grinding jar, which is available in six different materials, for grinding, extracting and centrifuging guarantees lossfree sample processing.

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The mixer mill extraction method is highly suitable for tablets of all sizes and degrees of hardness. The MM 200 and MM 301 allow each pharmaceutical laboratory to prepare samples of tablets, capsules and granulates for analysis in an efficient and economic way.