Rexam Healthcare to launch Clic-Loc 4 closure later this year

Published: 26-Jun-2013

Anticipates growing worldwide demand for easy-opening, oral dose protection, with a warning click for patients and carers

Rexam Healthcare, a manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging for healthcare and medical devices, will launch the latest version of its child resistant closure (CRC) – the Clic-Loc 4 – later this year, in anticipation of worldwide growth in demand for oral dose packaging protection.

Rexam says the Clic-Loc is the only CRC to combine more than 40 years of effective oral dose protection, adult-friendly operation and multiple manufacturer benefits. The Clic-Loc is easily used on production lines and creates an audible warning click to alert parents and carers, the firm says.

The Clic-Loc 4 will provide enhanced functionality and aesthetics and is designed with a wider application torque window and offers enhanced decoration.

The closure is also senior-friendly owing to a deeper and coarser outer knurling pattern, which improves grip and offers easier operation for adults. V-rings allow for a liner-less option and versatile 38mm stock options include printed word, printed pictogram, or raised and highlighted word versions. Custom graphics, printed with up to three colours, are available to add visual appeal. The overall weight and height have been reduced and with a positive on-drive action and no push-down is required.

‘The design of our Clic-Loc 4 underscores our commitment to putting patients first,’ said Russ Bryant, Global Marketing – Containers & Closures, Rexam Healthcare. ‘There is worldwide awareness of, and concern about, the tragic increase in young children who are accidentally exposed to medicine. Organisations such as Safe Kids Worldwide report chilling statistics and, as global industry leaders, we have pre-emptively developed the CRC that we believe is the answer for children, parents and our customers.’

The first Rexam Clic-Loc was introduced in 1972.

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