Nemera Safelia autoinjector wins Pharmapack award

Published: 3-Feb-2017

A team of industry experts judge Nemera’s autoinjector as Best Exhibitor Innovation for Patient Centricity and Customisation

On February 1st at the Award ceremony at Pharmapack Europe, Safelia – Nemera’s autoinjector – was celebrated as a best in class innovation displayed at the show.

A Pharmapack Exhibitor Award is for product excellence in each criterion (role for health improvement, economical interest, user consideration and quality of pitch).

The product must posses a competitive differentiator and clearly reflect excellence in pharma and biopharma development and manufacturing.

Safelia is an autoinjector for prefilled syringes, available for 1ml and 2.25ml sizes, suitable for large volume and high viscosity delivery through thinner needles.

Safelia can mechanically tune the injection, with automatic needle insertion, injection and retraction and can be customised to specific patient cohorts and formulations.

This includes the most difficult formulations, such as viscous, fragile, non-Newtonian behaviour.

It has been designed to ease patients’ self-injection experience and to deliver the most viscous drugs into subcutaneous or intramuscular layers.

Nemera Safelia autoinjector wins Pharmapack award

Nemera's listed benefits of Safelia:
  • No initial injection peak
  • Constant delivery flow
  • Adjustable needle insertion speed
  • Needle insertion disconnected from injection
  • Automatic needle retraction
  • Possibility to have thinner needles
  • Syringe is held encapsulated through the barrel
  • Syringe front housing
  • No stress on the syringe flange

Nemera Safelia autoinjector wins Pharmapack award

Safelia will also be shown at the following events throughout the US:
  • DDP, February 7-9, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • INTERPHEX, March 8-10, New York, NY
  • SMI PFS East Coast, April 26-27, Boston, MA
  • SMI PFS West Coast, June 6-7, San Diego, CA
Outside of the US:
  • FCE Pharma, May 23-25, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • CPhI China, June 20-22, Shanghai, China
  • CPhI WorldWide, October 24-26, Frankfurt, Germany
  • PDA Prefilled syringes and Injection devices, November 7-8, Vienna, Austria
  • CPhI India, November 28-30, Bombay, India

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