Romaco Pharmatechnik welcomes the Industry Committee

Published: 28-Mar-2017

Packaging solutions and strategies discussed at the company HQ

The Industry Committee of Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce convened at Romaco Pharmatechnik headquarters in Karlsruhe’s Durlach, Germany, on 9 March.

More than 30 Industry Committee members representing Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce accepted the invitation to the first Assembly meeting at the headquarters of the global supplier of processing and packaging equipment.

Justinus Pieper, the Berlin historian, spoke on “Leadership strategies for senior management in industry – the lessons of history”.

Next on the agenda was a presentation by committee member and host Carsten Strenger, COO/CFO of Romaco Pharmatechnik, followed by a tour of the plant, where packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are manufactured.

The products

While visiting the engineering supplier’s production and assembly shops, attendees gained a brief insight into blister and strip packaging technologies for pharmaceutical products.

The stations of a tablet on its way into the blister and the carton were explained by Strenger during a live demonstration of the Romaco Noack 960 blister line.

The Noack, Siebler and Bosspak product lines are manufactured at the Romaco Pharmatechnik facility in Karlsruhe.

The portfolio of these three brands comprises technologies for the primary packaging of pharmaceutical solids in blisters, strips, tubes and bottles.

“Against the background of our international client base and an export rate of more than 90 percent, ensuring that Romaco is optimally integrated in the Karlsruhe technology region is a matter particularly close to my heart,” Strenger said.

The Industry Committee

The Industry Committee is a Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce body which is currently comprised of about 60 members drawn from the top management level of various Chamber companies in the Karlsruhe area.

It convenes three times a year, with meetings hosted on a rotating basis. Managing directors and senior executives take advantage of this regular platform to exchange ideas and opinions on current issues in a dialogue across multiple industries.

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