Romaco enters a new era at interlock

Published: 14-Jun-2017

Romaco took advantage of the recent interpack 2017 packaging tradeshow, to demonstrate a total of 15 machines to not only industry professionals but also to its new owner, the Chinese Truking Group

The tradeshow, interpack 2017, marks the beginning of a new era for Romaco.

Just two days before the Dusseldorf fairground opened its doors, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) announced the sale of the Romaco Group to the Chinese Truking Group in Changsha.

The new owners, among them Truking founder and Chairman Yue Tang, took the opportunity to pay a 2 day visit to the Romaco booth at interpack.

Paulo Alexandre, CEO at Romaco Group said: “After our intensive negotiations, it was a good chance to get to know each other better in an informal setting — and for Romaco to show itself off at its best in the presence of the new owners.”

Innovations for the pharmaceutical process chain

The Romaco Group exhibit at interpack 2017 comprised 15 different machines, including three packaging lines and nine standalone units for manufacturing and packing pharmaceutical solids.

The launch of four new machines in the corporate industrial design underlined the supplier’s key role within the Group with its very broad portfolio of seven brands.

Four of the exhibition machines were configured with Remote Assist, Romaco’s Industry 4.0 technology, for demonstration purposes. This new remote maintenance generation uses smart glasses for virtual communication between the machine operator and Romaco’s service technicians.

Promising results

Yue Tang, Chairman of the Truking Group, said: “The diversity of Romaco technologies at interpack is an inspirational experience. The synergetic effects of the brands are instantly apparent to visitors to the trade fair and the potential created by Romaco’s system solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry is easy to see.”

Paulo Alexandre, CEO at Romaco Group, said: “It was an interpack with the focus on content. More than three quarters of the people we spoke to at our booth were new or existing customers, and the dozens of talks we had and the negotiations we engaged in were output orientated and targeted.”

Kilian and Macofar sales representatives each signed deals with customers from Asia and North Africa directly during the interpack week.

The new STF 120 tube filler from Romaco Siebler was sold to a German pharmaceutical manufacturer even before interpack began. The MicroMaxx 18 was acquired by a customer in Spain prior to the exhibition. The Noack 960 also changed hands only a few weeks after it finished.

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