SEA Vision Group begins construction of new Italian headquarters


Providing visions system services to pharma and packaging machine manufacturers, the new building will include 4,000 sqm of offices, software development, R&D and production

SEA Vision Group begins construction of new Italian headquarters

The first stone of the new SEA Vision Group headquarters was laid today in Pavia, an hour south of Milan. The new office and production space is a necessary step given that the business is in constant development, and will guarantee appropriate workspace to the more than 175 Italian employees.

The Italian-based company provides vision system solutions to pharmaceutical companies and packaging machine manufacturers.

The new 3-storey building will be built on a plot of land of about 6,000 sqm, and includes 4,000 sqm of offices, software development, R&D and production.

The overall investment of about €8 million (US$1.13 million) confirms the growth trend of the company, which was born out of a university spin-off in 1995. Next year, it will celebrate 25 years in business and mark the completion of the expansion.

Small and sustainable

The construction, based on innovation and modern concepts, has been conceived with a changeable way of working in mind, with outward open spaces and flexible subdivisions that satisfies the continuous changes typical of the business.

This is the reason for the presence of green areas and recreational surroundings to give a pleasant and harmonious working environment for a corporate population with an average age of just 27, and with a close partnership with universities, from which the idea of an inner court took its inspiration.

Particular attention to the environment characterises the project, designed by Architects Bertoletti+Greco, thanks to the use of new technologies with zero emissions, which make it a sustainable building.

In their speech at the stone-laying, Luigi Carrioli and Michele Cei, President and CEO of the group respectively, underlined the focus of the construction.

Cei said: “We are very pleased to celebrate this moment of rapid growth for our company and we are sure that our business will be further boosted thanks to this important investment.”

Carrioli added: “The construction of the headquarters- as well as enabling appropriate staff organisation and therefore the capacity for production expansion - lays the foundations for a further increase in R&D investments in the field of industrial vision, 4.0 technologies, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Not only will the new building allow our staff to have functional environments dedicated to team activities and to have innovative laboratories for research, but it will also have recreational areas dedicated to company welfare.”

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The Marchesini Group, global manufacturing machines and lines for the packaging process for the pharmaceutical industry, acquired a 48% share of SEA Vision last year. Both the CEO and President of the group were in attendance at the event.