SP Scientific and Lab-i-DOSiTECNO synergise fill-finish technologies


This partnership brings together freeze drying and vial washing/sterilising technologies from SP Scientific with the vial and syringe filling capabilities of Lab-i-DOSiTECNO

SP Scientific has signed a new partnership agreement with Lab-i-DOSiTECNO Pharma Technologies. This enables both companies to offer complete aseptic vial and syringe fill-finish lines.

This new global partnership brings together freeze-drying and vial washing/sterilising technologies from US-based SP Scientific with the advanced and comprehensive vial and syringe filling capabilities of Spanish Lab-i-DOSiTECNO.

Oriol Casoliva, CEO of Lab-i-DOSiTECNO said: "The geographic synergies of SP Scientific and Lab-iDosiTECNO working together will enable us to provide outstanding local support throughout North America and Europe, significantly broadening the reach of both partners".

Brian Larkin, CEO of SP Scientific said: "In addition, for those who prefer to work with a single supplier for full lines, this new partnership enables us to provide and support these customers with top quality, highly productive aseptic fill-finish line solutions".

Biopharmaceutical products are often frozen and then thawed, freeze-dried to be rehydrated when needed, or encapsulated in liquid form without being touched by the atmosphere. The container that holds the medicine during transportation through a variety of global climates, and how it is filled, is therefore critical to product integrity.

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SP Scientific, in partnership with Lab-i-DOSiTECNO, now provide development and manufacture of complete aseptic vial fill-finish lines offering the broadest lyophilisation range available today covering cycle development, stability, pilot and clinical batch production, through to full aseptic manufacturing and commercial production batches.