Schott adds to TopPac polymer syringe range

They are compatible with various syringe pumps and IV devices

Schott will be expanding its range of TopPac polymer syringes to include a 20ml format that can be used in combination with syringe pumps for infusion therapy

German pharmaceutical glassmaker Schott is launching a 20ml format to its TopPac polymer syringe range that can be used in combination with syringe pumps for infusion therapy.

TopPac prefillable syringes (PFS) are compatible with various syringe pumps, and the exact outer diameter enables automated recognition by the syringe pumps. They are also compatible with the IV devices such as needleless luer access devices (NLADs). Optimised siliconisation ensures consistent gliding forces for smooth drug application and also reduces the interaction of silicone with the drug during the shelf life.

The TopPac range already includes a 10ml and 50ml format.

Schott has designed these syringes to support the zero tolerance practice for infusion-related adverse events. They are pre-filled with the accurate dose of the correct medication by pharmaceutical companies to reduce the risk of errors. An integrated Luer Lock assures a leak-proof connection between the syringe and the IV line and reduces the risk of unintended disconnection.

The firm manufactures TopPac in a fully integrated cleanroom production environment, which ensures low contamination and particle levels without washing. The syringes are supplied in common nests and tubs, which can be integrated into existing filling lines. The transparency of the COC raw material also facilitates visual inspections on filling lines.

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