Supply Chain Wizard hires Head of UK-Ireland Office and Principal of Latin American Office


Supply Chain Wizard (SCW), a full-service global consulting firm specialising in serialisation and traceability, as well as supply chain strategy and operational transformation programmes — has opened a new UK-Ireland office in London and a new Latin American office in Miami.

The two newly opened locations are among several new offices worldwide, as SCW continues to expand its consulting and technology capabilities into additional regions.

As its customer base expands and diversifies, the company has seen fit to undergo a worldwide leadership reorganisation to provide its functional expertise and solutions on a global scale.

Hitesh Varambhia has joined SCW as Country Head of its newly opened UK-Ireland office and Marcos Buelvas as Principal of the new Latin American office.

Both executives will utilise their knowledge of complex, global supply chain programmes to assist SCW in helping new and existing customers maximise the effectiveness of SCW’s serialisation programmes through building world-class supply chain solutions.

Varambhia also serves as Director of Client Success for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and also is overseeing the Asia-Pacific region expansion on an interim basis.

Dedicated to optimising operations for growth, service and efficiency, SCW offers strategic innovations in products and services targeting serialisation and supply chain transformation initiatives, along with a team of expert consultants providing comprehensive support toward cost-effective compliance with serialisation mandates and post-go-live operational support.

Both Varambhia and Buelvas have more than 15 years of experience working on complex, global supply chain programmes.

Prior to joining SCW, Varambhia provided senior-level consulting services to a variety of companies, including Mars, Eli Lilly & Company, Novartis, Philip Morris International, F. Hoffman-La Roche and UCB Pharma AG.

Buelvas spent many years at Deloitte Consulting focused on designing and implementing manufacturing and supply chain transformation efforts, as well as on leading cross-functional manufacturing and supply chain programmes.

Prior to that, he was a Senior Engineer with the Competitive Operations Group of General Motors.

Varambhia has an MSc. in Advanced Manufacturing Systems from Brunel University, London, while Buelvas received his Masters of Engineering in Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Evren Ozkaya, Founder and CEO of SCW: “Hitesh and Marcos are welcome additions to our worldwide team of supply chain leaders. They have the breadth and depth of experience — as well as technical knowledge — needed to help our customers utilise their supply chains to reap competitive advantages as they move toward compliance with upcoming serialisation regulations and the digital supply chain transformation that comes beyond compliance.”

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