Syrris signs worldwide agreement with Prosonix

Atlas SonoLab SL10 offers unrivalled crystallisation control

Chemistry automation specialist Syrris has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Prosonix, based in Oxford, a leader in patented sonocrystallisation technology for the manufacture of high value pharmaceutical powders.

By combining Prosonix’s ultrasound technology with Syrris’s Atlas jacketed reactor platform, the Atlas SonoLab SL10 sonocrystalliser allows the reproducible control of crystallisations and enables the selection of parameters such as particle size, shape, crystallinity and polymorph.

Atlas SonoLab SL10 sonocrystalliser

Mike Hawes, chief executive of Syrris, based in Royston, Hertfordshire, UK, said: ‘The Atlas SonoLab SL10 system offers unrivalled crystallisation control, enabling narrower particle size distribution, higher purity samples and greater polymorph selectivity than traditional techniques.’

The Atlas SonoLab System is a high-performance, automated ultrasound system for sonocrystallisation and sonomilling. With advanced control of nucleation and growth rate, it is suitable for particle engineering, the firm says.

Using the SonoLab equipment with the Atlas platform also provides a basis for quality ultrasonic experiments and a seamless transition from laboratory to pilot plant at scales ranging from 100ml to 100 L.