Teknomek launches passive aggressive turnstile

Published: 4-Sep-2020

It will only grant access once the unit has automatically dispensed one dose of liquid soap or sanitising gel to each hand

Teknomek has introduced a sanitising turnstile to its product range.

Sue Springett, Commercial Manager at Teknomek, said: “One of the weakest links in any hygiene-controlled facility is the human factor. Managing hand hygiene to reduce transference risk is business critical. Our new turnstile offers a simple solution for multiple use cases.

“It can be deployed with a timer release to maintain the flow of staff in line with social distancing guidelines. It can also be configured to control entry to areas with a maximum occupancy limit, such as canteens. However, the principal value lies in placing it at strategic areas, such as at the entrance to cleanrooms and labs, to ensure staff have no choice but to sanitise their hands.”

The motorised turnstile is built with 304-grade stainless steel and its design factors out trap points where contaminants can settle or liquids can pool.

It’s available in wall or floor mounted variants for positioning in different room layouts. The unit is designed areas with high footfall, featuring a dispenser with a five-litre capacity.

Springett concluded: “With the new levels of corporate responsibility for creating a safe working environment, highly visible precautionary measures such as this play a significant psychological role in reinforcing just how important hand hygiene is and thus encouraging best-practice throughout the workplace.”

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