Teknomek unveils its most hygienic sink range yet


Teknomek has extended its range of 304 grade stainless steel sinks introducing new models with cupboard space, developed specifically for industries where hygiene requirements are a key priority

Teknomek unveils its most hygienic sink range yet

The products are available with a choice of single/double bowls and in single/double drainer options to suit particular applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

Sue Springett, Commercial Manager at Teknomek, said: “It’s a great irony that sinks that are deployed to maintain hygienic standards yet can be one of the most high-risk areas within a facility.”

“Any water that collects can become a microbial breeding ground. As such, a lack of clear drainage, alongside flat surfaces, ledges and gaps in the design are problematic to say the very least. We have carefully designed this sink range to make what we believe is the most hygienic sink on the market.”

The products are fully welded to ensure they are entirely crevice-free and surfaces are easy to clean. Edges around the sink are also contoured to prevent water pooling. The sink itself includes a plug, chain and overflow, a hole has been pierced to fit taps as appropriate to the specific use case.

The cupboard combines effective storage with cleanability: each unit is equipped with magnetic closing doors and is open-backed to offer easy access for cleaning behind.

Furthermore, the stainless steel feet are fully adjustable to allow additional access underneath and employ a non-marking rubber base to provide stability.

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