Teknomek’s new tall cupboards elevate hygiene levels

Published: 6-Mar-2019

The new range has been designed to reduce cleaning time and improve hygeine

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has introduced a new range of cupboards developed with time and risk in mind. The robust units are designed to fit into SOP and reduce cleaning times, as well as eliminating trap points where dirt and contaminants could build up.

Sue Springett, Teknomek’s commercial manager, said: “Hygiene best practice dictates that every piece of furniture is regularly and thoroughly cleaned down. The longer each item takes to clean, the more time – and thus money – is spent.

“If an item is fiddly or prevents easy access, the total cost of ownership simply grows with each passing year. Intelligent hygienic design reduces risk and improves cleaning efficiencies; this thinking guides the development of all our products - the new cupboards are a great case in point.”   

The ground clearance on each of the units has been increased to 30cm, which makes it easier and quicker to clean the base and the floor beneath. The hygienic design continues underneath, featuring straight edges on three sides, removing the risk of harbourage and thus speeding up cleaning times. 

Up above, sloping tops are standard, using gravity to help reduce risk. This also reinforces hygiene culture by discouraging users from placing items on top that may collect dust. Inside, shelves sit on easy clean rods, which can be added as required to create the right storage configuration. The options available include wire for improved air circulation. All shelving is slightly tilted to ensure liquids run off after cleaning and drainage holes in the base of the cupboards reduce the risk of water pooling.

The range offers a breadth of choice to suit storage requirements. Manufactured in the UK, bespoke sizes are also available on request and the cupboards can be constructed with 316 grade stainless steel if required.

The standard single door models are 60cm wide, while the double door versions are available in widths of 100cm or 120cm. Both options come in heights of 198/208cm or 168/178cm. Flexibility extends to the choice of doors: options include no doors, or lockable solid, mesh, or clear doors with shatterproof polycarbonate panels.  

All cupboards are supplied with adjustable stainless steel feet with rubber bases to prevent marking and the units can be used free-standing, or can be secured with a chain wall fixing.  

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