Telstar launches modular design GMP freeze-dryers

Published: 11-Dec-2020

Lyozeta operates with refrigerant gases which it says considerably lower the devices’ global warming potential

Telstar has introduced a range of modular design GMP freeze-dryers under the brand Lyozeta.

The series of lyophiliser is a standardised version of its higher-end GMP configurable freeze-dryers designed to operate under aseptic conditions. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the devices feature standardised sub-systems to enable flexible configuration.

The range is fitted with ‘push-in/push-out’ vial automatic loading and unloading systems and are currently available with options for integration to the Lyogistics Integral version of the vial automatic loading & unloading system.

The modular version of the freeze-dryer is equipped with failsafe mechanisms such as a maintenance door automatic locking including detectors to ensure correct locking. The chamber-condenser isolation valve consists of a cartridge-mushroom type with EPDM gasket, hydraulically actuated. The company says this isolation valve provides less complexity and easier maintenance which enhances process safety. It provides higher levels of leak tightness and requires less maintenance than a conventional mushroom valve, Telstar claims.

The Lyozeta range is equipped with the Lyosuite control system based on PLC and SCADA that offers multitasking operation in a Windows environment. In addition to the supervisory control and data acquisition functions, it provides compilation and editing of complete recipes, including linking of ancillary cycles (CIP, SIP, filter integrity testing or vial stoppering) to the freeze-drying cycle.

The devices are designed to perform clinical trials, pilot and large-scale industrial freeze-drying processes.

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