Telstar offers new cold sterilisation methods for pharmaceuticals

Published: 15-Sep-2022

The company’s process laboratory services have expanded and now incorporate the new methods for non-compatible medical and pharmaceutical products

Spanish industrial company Telstar has incorporated cold sterilisation methods into its process laboratory service.

Cold sterilisation and/or bio-decontamination is a growing process and technology for medical and pharmaceutical products that are not compatible with heat sterilisation. After an implementation period, which began in 2020, the company has consolidated the new line of support in the field of cold sterilisation.

The company now utilises the following processes:

  • Development of a bio-decontamination cycle using Telstar's ionHp+ system with the specific charge provided by the client.
  • Individual ionHP+ cycles for the study of penetrability and compatibility of customer’s materials.
  • Chemical, morphological, and structural analysis of materials treated by cold bio- decontamination processes, such as hydrogen peroxide or ethylene oxide.
  • Consultancy and training on the process and technology of ionHP+ and ethylene oxide.
For freeze-drying processes, the company offers a solid portfolio of services in the field of thermal study of the client's product (differential scanning calorimetry-DSC and cryogenic microscope-FDM); development and/or optimisation of a lyophilisation recipe, including a study of residual moisture, reconstitution time, cosmetics, and cycle duration; and consultancy and training on the freeze-drying process.

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