Telstar supplies integrated isolation tech solutions for pharma production

Published: 27-Aug-2021

Telstar’s centre in the UK consolidates its growth by supplying integrated isolation tech solutions for aseptic and containment pharma production

Telstar’s centre of excellence in the United Kingdom has experienced substantial growth in the development of aseptic and containment isolator solutions, particularly in respect of aseptic processing and filling line applications, throughout recent years.

A large and complex project for an aseptic filling and freeze-drying line handling vials, multistage syringes, and cartridges in nests is one example of the contracts that the company are currently working on. This isolator system is composed of several modules for de-lidding, filling, stoppering / closing, freeze dryer loading/unloading and capping purposes. A hydrogen peroxide generator is integrated for the bio-decontamination of the complete isolator system and with the option to decontaminate some modules separately, providing greater flexibility for different product throughput. In addition, it includes an environmental monitoring system with viable and non-viable points located at strategic positions throughout the line and an integrated RFID glove testing system providing validated glove port test results. This filling line system will be installed for a client in Western Europe.

In addition to this project, there are several other aseptic filling line projects at various stages of design, manufacture, build and validation, including an innovative aseptic vial filling isolator system that is currently undergoing thorough internal testing prior to shipment to the US. This system will be connected to a depyrogenation tunnel and vial filling and stoppering line when it arrives in the USA.

Growth trends

Demand for larger aseptic filling line Isolator system and sterility test isolators has increased significantly over recent years, resulting in a positive growth pipeline. The current trend is that this growth is set to continue based on a number of factors including regulatory demands, less reliance on cleanroom technology and a need for greater sterility assurance. In addition, requests for containment equipment have also increased during this time and Telstar are addressing this demand with new solutions based on the latest technology. Telstar has recently moved to new premises in Birstall Leeds, a large modern facility that will enable the company to virtually triple its production capacity in the UK and to support an increasing global customer base.

Remote FAT's

The company has faced and overcome the continued challenges of the global Covid-19 pandemic, offering remote FAT’s for clients, which has proved a huge success. Telstar in the UK has also signed up to the “We offer Covid-19 testing to our staff” scheme implemented by the UK government. This scheme provides peace of mind to employees and visiting customers.

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