Telstar promotes new containment and sterilisation equipment at Interphex

Published: 14-Mar-2017

At Interphex (21-23 March in New York, USA), Telstar plans to show innovations in isolation technology, sterilisation, water and pure steam generation, as well as for pharmaceutical freeze drying applications

In the field of containment technology, Telstar will show its latest generation of Sterility Test Isolators integrated with its ionHP bio-decontamination system and proven to dramatically decrease cycle times and reduce running costs.

The range includes two, three and four glove sterility test isolators, with the option of a transfer chamber for batch or continuous sterility testing.

The company will also show its new semi-automatic glove tester incorporating proprietary glove port recognition technology that is integrated into the control systems of Telstar isolators/RABS.

In the sterilisation field, the company will promote its Sterimega Plus - a new multi-purpose modular autoclave range that is designed to minimise footprint while maximising maintenance access.

From its water and steam generation portfolio, the company will market the Oasys, designed to generate pharmaceutical Purified Water.

The system has been designed to enable chemical sanitisation of the entire unit including the pipework feeding the Purified Water into the storage vessel.

Telstar will also introduce to the US market a new generation of vial loading/unloading solution for pharmaceutical freeze-drying process featuring a contact-free magnetic drive system.

Lyogistics Zero's passive linear magnetic driving mechanism removes the need for belts, bellows or racks, the system automatically slides smoothly and unhindered within a lyophiliser chamber, thereby enabling the integrity of the freeze-drying process to be maintained at higher levels of cleanliness and sterility than conventional systems. 

In addition, the company's Cartridge Mushroom Valve is an innovative isolation valve with less complexity and easier maintenance which provides enhanced process safety.

Applicable to GMP industrial freeze dryers, the innovative isolation valve provides higher levels of leak tightness than a butterfly valve and requires less maintenance than a conventional mushroom valve.

Visit Telstar at Booth 3063.

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