The Marchesini Group acquires 40% of Vibrotech


The Marchesini Group has just acquired 40% of the Tuscan manufacturer, Vibrotech in Bientina (Pisa), which makes infeed and positioning systems for automated industrial processes

The Marchesini Group acquires 40% of Vibrotech

Vibrotech started up in 2005 as a spin-off company, set-up by technicians with twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. It has been a consolidated business partner of the Marchesini Group for years.

However, the take-over of a minority share will not change Vibrotech’s commercial organisation, as it will continue to work directly with the marketplace and with other packaging machinery companies.

This transaction will also allow Vibrotech and Marchesini to strengthen their businesses in regard to opportunities deriving from the Revolution 4.0.

In a world of packaging where the processes are becoming more and more automated and where advanced robotics takes the lead, systems that provide sorted and positioned components (and therefore ones that can be handled by robots) are an absolute must.

Pietro Cassani, CEO of the Marchesini Group, said: “We all know by now that no business will be able to escape from Industry 4.0. It is the real and enormous challenge of the future: it involves investments and new projects and this is why we undertook the transaction, which has launched a development and boosting process that will continue over the coming months.

“Marchesini was working on Industry 4.0 well before it ‘came into fashion’, because when you work with pharmaceutical companies, not only do you have to be efficient but you must always be on top of innovation too. We have been working for many years on a variety of robotic solutions and all the machines and software programs are made in-house. We intend to continue this tradition also by enriching our expertise through the acquisition of other companies."

When the Marchesini Group announced its acquisition of Vibrotech shares, it also revealed the recently approved consolidated balance of 2016 had recorded higher values than the budgeted forecasts, both in terms of sales volumes and the profitability indicators. The turnover at December 2016 was €297 million, 9% higher than 2015 and with a gross operating surplus of 21%.

The consolidated portfolio 30 June 2017 is €340m (+27%), whereas the orders received in the same period are worth €155m, 23% more than the same period of the previous year.

Maurizio Marchesini, The President of The Marchesini Group, said: “Looking at these figures, we are sure we will exceed the 300 million mark in 2017 and that we will consolidate other important transactions in the near future.”

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