The new future: Introducing the next generation pMDI

Published: 18-Aug-2017

Webinar brought to you by 3M

3m are to deliver a webinar on 7 September at 16:00 GMT (10:00 CST) on the future of respiratory drug delivery and inhaler technologies.

Asthma and COPD affect millions of people worldwide and is a costly burden for health care systems.

In recent years the industry has seen technology developments to try and address this and help both patients and healthcare providers.

In this webinar, we share an update on market dynamics shaping the future for respiratory drug delivery.

We will present on solutions such as the launch of generic inhalers and improved inhaler technologies.

Webinar outline:

1. Introduction – A look into the future of respiratory drug delivery

  • dynamics that will shape the respiratory drug delivery market
  • the role of generics and improved inhaler technologies.

2. The development of generic inhalers

  • the different regulatory pathways
  • case Study: Sirdupla.

3. The development of improved inhaler technologies

  • What issues need to be addressed by future inhalers?
  • key attributes of improved inhalers
  • the 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler solution
  • case Study: 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler
  • Q&A and Demonstration of 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler.

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