Thermo Fisher introduces automated multi-enzyme analysers


The Gallery Enzyme Master analysers enable reliable enzyme analysis workflows from method development to routine analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Gallery Enzyme Master range of automated enzyme analysers, capable of multi-enzyme analysis. The devices are designed for applications in the food, beverage, biopharmaceutical, fuel ethanol and chemical, and solid waste management industries.

The Gallery and Gallery Plus Enzyme Master analysers are automated discrete analysers designed specifically for enzyme assay applications. The systems combine hardware and custom-designed software to deliver automated incubation settings, reagent additions and precise measurement calculations. By automating these steps, the analysers streamline method development and deliver reliable results for enzyme analysis, the company says.

“Traditional enzyme assays involve a manual process that can generate inconsistent results,” said Dino Alfano, VP and General Manager, ion chromatography and sample preparation, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Manual methods are usually only suitable for a few samples or limited enzyme types. Therefore, there is a growing need for a single, automated instrument to modernize enzyme analysis. These new enzyme analysers were developed to effectively manage many enzymes, substrates and methods in a single instrument, and deliver reproducible and dependable results with minimal user input required.”

Erica Fritse, global QC governance manager, DSM, said: “When considering an alternative for our aging population of discrete analysers, we decided to replace them with the new Thermo Scientific Gallery Plus Enzyme Master. This system ensures we can continue with temperature-controlled measurement of the activity of our enzymes. We use the Gallery Plus Enzyme Master for R&D and QC release on one, easy-to-use, automated system. A big advantage is the central, global management of the measuring protocols. This makes it easier than ever to assure the use of the latest updated methods.”

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The Gallery Enzyme Master systems can handle many different enzyme assays and measuring conditions. They offer efficient and reliable enzyme analysis across a wide range of industries, from enzyme manufacturers to the animal feed and pet food industry, and have the flexibility to be used in applications from method development to routine analysis.

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