Thermo Fisher updates mass spectrometry portfolio with enhanced hardware


Users of the portfolio will benefit from increased system uptime due to enhanced quadrupole mass stability

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the TSQ Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) portfolio, designed to increase workflow throughput through superior data acquisition and polarity switching speeds. The improved low-mass product ion transmission efficiency enhances sensitivity for key target applications. The portfolio, which comprises the TSQ Altis Plus, Quantis Plus and Fortis Plus MS, can be used in applications from targeted quantitation to cutting-edge research. Intuitive mass calibration routines and method optimisation, in addition to chromatography and data processing software solutions, offer improved ease of use.

"Laboratories performing routine quantitative experiments continue to need to identify new compounds of interest across industries, such as pharma, food and environmental, resulting in rapidly changing regulations and lower detection limits," said August Specht, VP, R&D, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher. "In order to protect consumer and environmental health, laboratories need to provide comprehensive workflows to address evolving requirements, and the TSQ Plus triple quadrupole MS portfolio has been designed to deliver."

Prof Julijana Ivanisevic, University of Lausanne, said: "The TSQ Altis Plus platform is a step forward toward omics-scale, quantitative MS-based methodology for in-depth investigation of metabolism. The unprecedented acquisition speed of the TSQ Altis Plus allows us to maximise the metabolome coverage and significantly enhances the peak definition, essential for accurate quantification. The TSQ Altis Plus mass spectrometer allows for robust quantification of low abundant species, thus complementing the comprehensiveness of measured metabolite signature. This increase in productivity, along with the quantitative aspect, is crucial for metabolic phenotyping of human populations – a prerequisite for the transfer to clinical settings."

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The company says users of the portfolio will benefit from increased system uptime due to enhanced quadrupole mass stability, in addition to direct instrument method transfers from the existing TSQ MS portfolio to the TSQ Plus MS portfolio. The platform also enables integration with the mzCloud database to provide selective reaction monitoring transition information with predicted collision energy, and with liquid- or ion-chromatography systems and software, for powerful quantitative application solutions.

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