Track clinical trial samples with SampleGISTICS


LabConnect says the service reduces workloads and saves time

LabConnect, a US provider of global central laboratory services for the biopharmaceutical industry, has released a clinical trial sample tracking and management service called SampleGISTICS.

The backbone of SampleGISTICS is LabConnect’s proprietary software, SampleREACH, which provides Internet-based, real-time sample tracking including collection, shipment, and receipt at any laboratory or location worldwide.

The software also enables instant access to data, resulting in immediate identification and correction of queries including sample collection issues.

SampleREACH provides detailed information about clients' samples including location, temperature, volume, freeze/thaw cycles, clinical data and has the ability to extract customisable reports. The tool’s forecast module makes budgeting more efficient and identifies when samples are missing.

As part of LabConnect’s complete laboratory services spanning a worldwide network of laboratories, SampleGISTICS eliminates the need to track samples manually by consolidating all of the information to one location.

‘LabConnect developed this sample tracking service because of our clients’ need to locate their samples and data to manage complex global clinical trials effectively,’ says Eric Hayashi, president and chief executive.

‘Central laboratories have filled logistical and distribution gaps, but did not historically track the lifecycle of samples, resulting in millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses, such as lost samples, payroll costs, and time. LabConnect has the solution.’

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SampleGISTICS decreases the workload of site and clinical operations staff, allowing for faster decisionmaking and a cost-effective outcome.