TrakCel adds cell therapy developer to portfolio

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 1-Feb-2019

TrakCel and WindMil have partnered on a cell therapy supply chain management and orchestration platform

Software developer TrakCel will build a custom-configured cellular supply chain tracking and orchestration platform to support clinical development of proprietary autologous cell therapies by WindMil. Headquartered in Cardiff, TrakCel specialises in cell and gene therapy supply chain tracking and orchestration systems

WindMil is a clinical stage oncology cell therapy company that has a proprietary platform to develop a class of cell therapies called MILs(TM) (Marrow Infiltrating Lymphocytes). As it expands this programme, the new platform will help manage their growing portfolio.

The TrakCel platform will be in use at over 100 sites globally by the first quarter of 2019. The system will harmonise with all internal systems, including clinical sites, couriers, clinical/contract research organisations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). It also will cover a specifically designed interface for physicians and medical teams

This effect is expected to be a more efficient and well-controlled supply chain that makes the precision of collection, transportation and manufacturing visible to all involved.

Commenting on the partnership, Brian Halak, President and CEO of WindMil, said: “We are excited to soon treat more patients with MILs through this expansion of our clinical trial programme.”

“However, developing novel cellular therapies is also about logistics. It is important for us to ensure the supply chain works for each of the individuals involved in the patient’s care and for the oncology patients themselves.”

TrakCel’s recent activity

The increasing trend towards cell and gene therapy has caused an increase in the number of new drug trials with these technologies. Trakcel has made a number of similar partnerships in recent months: with Quick in January 2019, Marken in December 2018 and Medeor in September 2018. This level of activity may reflect the trend seen in this growing field.

Noting the trend in cell and gene therapy, Ravi Nalliah, CEO of TrakCel, said: “The opportunity cost of the resources used for managing supply chains is even more important for companies at the earlier clinical stage. This means it is essential for TrakCel to continue to develop our cell therapy supply chain solutions as the cell therapy market continues to evolve.”

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