Turning up the heat with SF-10+

Published: 29-Nov-2023

Flowchem specialists Vapourtec unveil new version of lab pump

Flow chemistry specialists Vapourtec have recently unveiled a new version of their SF-10 lab pump with a host of new features that widen the opportunities for new applications including the ability to pump hot reagents.

The SF-10+ builds on the pump’s existing capabilities, already cited in many scientific breakthroughs since 2016, with enhanced temperature control and can be heated between ambient and 80C as well as allowing for the inlet and outlet tubes to be heated to the same temperature.

In addition, all components within the pump are heated ensuring no cold spots and temperatures can be set using an easy-to-use touchscreen interface or via serial data commands.

The new features expand the horizons for new synthetic routes or novel applications. Reagents can be pumped prior to flow crystallisations or in higher concentrations and viscosities. The SF-10+ can deal with reagents that are solid at room temperature but liquid at higher temperatures and can be used to pump products from either batch or flow reactors that could precipitate upon cooling.

The existing SF-10 has already proved itself to be a versatile self-priming laboratory pump that offers high levels of chemical compatibility with suspensions, light slurries and gases, operating up to a 10 bar pressure and delivering precise measurement and data. It is also compatible with a range of electrical interfaces.

Vapourtec’s Dr. Manuel Nuño explained: “The SF-10+ builds on the benefits of the original pump with the principal advantage of being capable of dealing with hotter reagents which can be used to, for example, dose viscous reagents into a batch vessel or pumping them into a flow reactor.”

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