Tyvek Labo coverall offers comfort and protection

Published: 26-Jan-2011

It also helps minimise contamination

DuPont’s Tyvek Labo coverall protects the wearer, the products being manufactured and production processes, and is comfortable to wear.

Developed for the laboratory and pharmaceutical markets, the suit has an inherent barrier ensuring protection throughout its life. It is also anti-statically treated to dissipate electrostatic charges and the ultra smooth surface of Tyvek repels particles.

The suit is certified to type 5 and 6 and offers 1.3% particle hold-out for particles of size 0.6µm based on the EN ISO 13982-2:2004 test method. It offers a chemical permeation barrier to many low concentrated inorganic chemicals.

All of these features maximise wearer protection, the company says.

Tyvek is made from continuous, strong, high-density polyethylene fibres that do not shed, and it does not contain additives or fillers. Even after surface abrasion, the fabric retains a high barrier level because the entire thickness of the fabric constitutes the barrier itself, which minimises contamination.

The coverall’s internal seams help reduce thread contamination and tunnelled elastic cuffs and ankles fit comfortably to the body and face mask. DuPont’s designers have studied body shape as well as the stresses and strains affecting technicians working in clean environments and have used their findings to develop a ‘feel good effect’ for the Tyvek Labo garment that brings freedom of movement without dislodging the positioning of the suit.

To ensure extra comfort the garment incorporates a half elasticated hood for the best facial fit. A slip-resistant shoe cover is also attached to the suit to help prevent accident.

To complement the Tyvek Labo, DuPont has developed individual, smart packaging, tailored to each application and with easy to read labelling. A new box design helps store and display each individual pack.

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