Versatile accessory for bulk and flask freeze drying


Maximises performance while adding bulk and flask drying for aqueous application

SP Scientific, a manufacturer of laboratory freeze dryers, offers a Horizontal Drum Manifold, a new accessory to maximise the performance of its BenchTop Pro freeze dryer while adding bulk and flask drying capabilities for aqueous application.

Designed for use with 3-, 8- and 9-litre BenchTop Pro units, the new manifold provides an economic solution to further increase the versatility of the tray dryer either purchased with a new system or easily assembled on an existing unit in the field with no additional hardware required.

The new product comes standard with two adjustable unheated trays that provide ample room for bulk samples such as plants, leaf punches, seeds, well plates, or samples in serum bottles or vials of varying sizes. If needed, an optional support tray is available to collect condensate and a third shelf is available for applications involving freeze drying samples in 5ml and 10ml flasks. All trays are easily removed for cleaning.

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To optimise productivity the Horizontal Drum Manifold includes eight QuickSeal valves that enable parallel connection of flasks and other freeze drying glassware. Durably constructed with a 'clear view' acrylic door and drum the Horizontal Drum Manifold enables easy visual monitoring of the product drying process.