Visiongain forecasts steady vaccines growth to 2021


Expects more competition, more diversification and more outsourcing of manufacturing

The worldwide vaccines market will be worth US$20.8bn in 2015, up from $10.7bn in 2010, and will grow steadily through to 2021, according to a report by Visiongain.

The London-based business information provider says markets and r&d pipelines for vaccines remain strong, with opportunities for vaccine manufacturing specialists. Leading manufacturers of vaccines in 2011 include Sanofi, Merck & Co and GSK.

The report, Vaccine Manufacturing Technology and Services: World Market 2011–2021, offers revenue predictions for contract vaccine manufacturing as well as forecasts of vaccine volumes (by dose), including geographical production data.

‘Historically, the vaccines market had a wide range of companies vying for market share,’ says Dr Sharmarke Mohamed, healthcare industry analyst. ‘However, small-molecule therapies took centre stage at the expense of vaccines. Looking ahead, we expect greater competition in the vaccines market, with more companies making significant headway.’

Mohamed expects leading companies to diversify their portfolios with new therapeutic vaccines and outsourcing more vaccine manufacturing. Also, universities and other research institutions will play a significant role in the discovery of therapeutic vaccines.