Werum’s PAS-X solution implemented at leading Turkish pharma manufacturer in just 6 months


Mustafa Nevzat introduced Werum’s PAS-X weighing and dispensing solution to improve quality and regulatory compliance

Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals has successfully taken Werum’s PAS-X weighing and dispensing solution into operation at their main manufacturing site in Istanbul, Turkey.

The pharmaceutical company is an Amgen holding, representing one of the leading Turkish manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms.

At the Istanbul site, Mustafa Nevzat has been started to refurbish the main production plant dedicated to the production of sterile liquid and freeze-dried injectable products, tablets, film-coated tablets and capsules. Several new cleanroom booths for weighing, dispensing and sampling were put up and outfitted with Werum’s PAS-X.

PAS-X weighing and dispensing was implemented mainly out of the box within 6 months. It communicates with Mettler-Toledo scales and fully integrates the SAP ERP through its certified, configurable standard interface.

'We have opted for the introduction of Werum’s PAS-X in our weighing areas to improve efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements,' says Ongun Akersin, Process Technologies Team Leader at Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals.

'The new electronic workflows will replace paper-based execution and ensure improved process and product quality.'

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In a next step, PAS-X weighing and dispensing will be extended to a full-scope manufacturing execution system (MES) covering further manufacturing areas.