Yourway adds additional capacity for controlled ambient storage

Published: 19-Apr-2022

This expansion adds ~100,000 ft 2 to Yourway’s existing extensive storage capabilities at its Allentown headquarters

Yourway, the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager in the clinical trials supply chain market, announces the expansion of its controlled ambient capabilities in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This expansion adds ~100,000 ft 2 to Yourway’s existing extensive storage capabilities at its Allentown headquarters. The new location in Allentown is close to Yourway’s Global Headquarters and main storage facility, which is strategically located close to key airports, offering convenient global access to several domestic and international cities.

The decision was made to fulfil increased demand for long-term temperature-controlled storage. This new facility adds space for 5,000 pallets at ambient temperature. Yourway has completed mapping, validation, and full GMP qualification of the warehouse space.

An expanded complex is being constructed at Yourway’s Global Headquarters, including both an extension of the main building, which is completed and has added an additional 1,000 pallets of 2–8 C storage, and new buildings on the Allentown campus. When complete, the expansion will effectively double the primary and secondary packaging, storage, and distribution capabilities of the current facility.

The expansion will significantly extend Yourway’s temperature-controlled storage capacity, addressing the growing need for temperature-controlled storage, clinical packaging, and distribution services for clinical trials involving investigational products, biologics, cell and gene therapies, and other advanced modalities.

The company views this strategic expansion as an investment to meet anticipated demand for long-term storage capacity. “Yourway likes to stay ahead of the curve and have excess capacity available before customers need it,” said Gulam Jaffer, Founder and President of Yourway. “This is an example of serving that need.”

Yourway Allentown, PA site offers convenient access to three major international airports combined with all the value-added integrated services offered by Yourway allow the transport of clinical materials around the world in hours, not days, and for trials to start quickly. Large capacities of all levels of temperature- controlled storage are available, from ambient room temperature (20 °C) to liquid nitrogen storage at –180 °C.

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