Novo Nordisk and University of Washington to explore brain's role in regulating blood sugar and obesity

Published: 4-Nov-2015

And develop new treatments for diabetes and obesity

Novo Nordisk is to collaborate with Dr Michael Schwartz, Director of The Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence at UW Medicine, in a project which aims to understand the role of the brain in controlling blood glucose and appetite and develop new treatments for diabetes and obesity.

The three-year research project will be take place at UW Medicine's South Lake Union research campus in Seattle, Washington, and at Novo Nordisk. Schwartz is a world expert in diabetes and obesity with a focus on the role of the brain in the regulation of energy balance, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.

'We are very happy to enter into a close collaboration with Dr Schwartz. There is a large potential in following this angle for blood glucose and appetite control, and we hope it will bring new agents for the treatment of diabetes and obesity to the patients,' said Peter Kurtzhals, Senior Vice President, Global Research Novo Nordisk.

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