NSF Health Sciences Journal celebrates 15 years!

Published: 3-Mar-2021

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NSF Health’s consulting and training divisions have just published their 48th edition of their Journal. This publication packed-full of expert content, white papers, checklists, case studies, regulatory updates and many more useful tools for the Health audiences is now celebrating its 15th year anniversary. What’s more, it is not only 15th years since it went into circulation, but it has also gone digital for the 1st time!

There is no better way to describe the Journal’s journey and what it means, than to quote the words of its founder Bob Pietrowski:

“The Journal was born out of a desire to provide a more regular and valuable service to all our clients.

Before we launched The Journal, we really only reached out to our client base when we wanted to sell them something; consultancy or a place on one of our training courses. We knew that our clients deserved more from us and we wanted to provide more – we wanted to give something of value back and to grow our relationship with our clients beyond the mere transactional.

In particular, we wanted to do three things:

  • To explain and provide expert advice on technical and regulatory issues which we knew were causing confusion and concern within the industry
  • To provide busy health science professionals with a regular update on new and impending regulatory legislation and guidance, but, more importantly, to explain the rationale behind them and practical advice on how best to comply in a scientifically sound and cost effective way
  • To give our clients the opportunity to get to know us better as people by providing short features on our team; their hobbies, interests and achievements outside of the professional environment.
  • From the very first issue, The Journal was and continues to be a huge success. Clients from all over the world regularly contact us to tell us how much they appreciate the technical articles, the sound advice and how they appreciate being a part of “our family”.

Along with helping to develop our Qualified Person training programme, I regard launching The Journal as the proudest and most satisfying achievement of my professional career.”

Featured articles:

  • Pivot towards new ways of working: Hear from NSF’s pharma and medical devices team as they share what they’ve learned over the last year
  • Detailed pharma regulatory updates: Including a Brexit summary table from expert Pete Gough showing the impact on trade of medicines between the UK and EU
  • Understanding study designs for oncology clinical trials: How master protocols can simultaneously evaluate multiple drugs and disease populations

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