Omya set to unveil pharmaceutical solutions at CPhI in Barcelona

Published: 7-Sep-2023

Swiss mineral expert Omya is set to attend CPhI with the Omyanutra range, offering advanced excipients to help produce stable and fast disintegrating oral tablets (ODTs) and powders

Manufacturers in the field of pharmaceuticals can step into a new era of uncomplicated and future-proof formulation: With the Omyanutra range, Swiss mineral expert Omya offers advanced excipients to overcome the challenge of producing stable and fast disintegrating oral tablets (ODTs) and powders. 

The raw material is sourced from the company's high-purity minerals and treated with patented technology. Thus, the natural mineral particles gain a new porous and lamellar structure that improves tablet compatibility, while significantly reducing disintegration time. 

For this year's CPhI in Barcelona, the company has prepared several prototype concepts and will showcase its service and support capabilities for manufacturers. 

Drawing on more than 130 years of R&D, Omya is an expert in the characteristics of its raw materials

- Stefan Lander, VP Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya

Dissolution properties, shelf-life stability, exposure to environmental challenges such as oxygen, light, humidity, and high or low temperatures are just a few of the difficulties faced by manufacturers in the creation of orally ingested products. 

The high number of active ingredients and the use of trending actives which are often only poorly compactable can make tableting tricky. The Omya ingredients range, however, helps facilitate the process: the company’s excipients are appropriate tablet processing aids that optimise compressibility and disintegration time of the formulation. 

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Available as free-flowing granules, Omyanutra 300 DC is ideal for direct compression, while Omyanutra 300 Flash – supplied with a super-disintegrant – is a perfect all-in-one solution for powders and tablets. In addition, Omya will present Omyapharm, an innovative flow aid and anti-caking mineral that also provides high mechanical strength and fast disintegration of tablets. Thanks to its high porosity,

Omyapharm can also be used for absorbing liquid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) so that they can be formulated into solid dosage forms, thus acting as a carrier.

The showcased portfolio at CPhI will also include the natural white pigment solution Omyapure and the calcium APIs Omya Calcipur and Omya-Cal, both valuable components for calcium supplementation, antacids and bone health.

Several prototypes underline the benefits of the Omya product range:

  • B12 Flash is an ODT based on the excipient Omyanutra 300 Flash in combination with vitamin B12, which provides fatigue relief.
  • ActivFresh contains mint oil loaded onto Omyanutra 300 DC pores, which allows the oil to be conveniently incorporated into the tablet formulation while achieving good mechanical stability, and ideal disintegration time for a lozenge formulation.
  • BoneBoost is a chewable tablet concept with Omyapure as the active ingredient along with vitamins K2 and D3 from the company's distribution portfolio.
  • Finally, L-Theanine Flash ODTs with apple and mint flavours can quickly and effectively ease anxiety while counteracting oxidative cellular stress.

Stefan Lander, VP Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, said: “Drawing on more than 130 years of R&D, Omya is an expert in the characteristics of its raw materials and the development of functional ingredients with added value.”

The company's experts will be available during CPhI 2023 to offer insights and opportunities for holistic solutions that address current market demand.

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