PA Consulting acquires the first PulPac Scala machine for "Dry Molded Fiber"

Published: 14-Dec-2023

PA Consulting, a global leader in innovation and transformation consulting, reinforces its pivotal position in sustainable packaging by acquiring the first PulPac Scala production line

This cutting-edge technology, based on PulPac's ground-breaking Dry Molded Fiber technology, sets a new benchmark for sustainability in the packaging industry.

Tony Perrotta, Partner, Sustainability & The Regenerative Economy at PA Consulting, expressed excitement about the new platform: "By acquiring a PulPac Scala machine, we are taking another step in bringing sustainable Dry Molded Fiber packaging to life."

"The production line is now fully commissioned onsite in Cambridge, UK, and will enable us to better serve global Brands with end-to-end production capabilities– from feasibility to market launch volumes.”

The PulPac Scala machine platform boasts new capabilities, enabling the creation of high-quality, customizable packaging solutions with high output tailored to the rigorous needs of sustainable packaging.

Building on existing injection molding components adapted for Dry Molded Fiber, Scala provides game-changing specifications that promise to redefine packaging with circularity in focus.

Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer at PulPac, welcomes PA Consulting’s acquisition: “We're thrilled to see PA Consulting embrace the PulPac Scala machine as a launch partner."

"Our close-knit partnership has been instrumental in driving sustainable packaging forward across leading global brands. PA's commitment to innovative solutions and leveraging technology is a testament to our shared vision for a more sustainable future."

"This will increase the ability for our customers to drive brand value while also minimizing environmental footprint with reductions up to 80% compared with conventional technologies.”

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