Piramal Pharma Solutions announces patient centricity award winner

Published: 16-Jun-2021

The company’s oral solid dosage development site in Ahmedabad, India, has been selected as the winner of the first-ever PPS Award for Excellence in Patient Centricity

Piramal Pharma Limited’s (PPL) Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation, Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS), has announced the company’s oral solid dosage development site in Ahmedabad, India, has been selected as the winner of the first-ever PPS Award for Excellence in Patient Centricity.

Understanding the need of patients and building an organisation that is dedicated to addressing those needs is the foundation of Patient Centricity. According to Peter DeYoung, CEO, Pharma Solutions, Piramal Pharma Limited, "Patient Centricity is our core ideology. We demonstrate it by keeping the needs of the patient foremost in everything the company does, from the boardroom to the shop floor. This award represents an opportunity to celebrate the ways in which our global team is raising awareness of Patient Centricity and applying it to create a positive difference in the lives of our stakeholders."

As part of the Patient Centricity onboarding initiative, employees at all fourteen of the company’s sites around the world received dedicated training on how to embrace the concept and make the program a reality. Patient Awareness Councils were formed at each site for the purpose of driving the idea forward at a local level.

Earlier this year, the Councils were invited to participate in the Excellence in Patient Centricity Award by nominating a program conducted at their site. The Patient Awareness Council at the Ahmedabad oral solid dosage development site, known within the organisation as Piramal Pharma Development Services (PPDS), put together an innovative program designed to reinforce patient-centric behavior and culture by involving the families of employees. They interviewed a selection of family members on video and asked them how they feel about the work done at the site and what it’s like to have family involved in the important task of helping to reduce the burden of disease on patients. Children were asked to participate in an art competition and many creative, fun examples were submitted. The program’s results were strong, with an overwhelmingly positive response among both the PPDS staff and their families which was demonstrated in a great sense of pride felt by all.

After careful consideration of all nominations, PPS senior management recognized the PPDS initiative for its strong execution, innovative thinking, and relevancy. Involving both the site staff and their families took Patient Centricity to a new level, bringing a sense of personalisation to our core ideology.

Stuart Needleman, Chief Patient Centricity Officer at PPS, added, “Congratulations to the Patient Awareness Council at PPDS and to all site employees who participated in this initiative. Further congratulations and thanks go to all PPS staff around the world who are practicing Patient Centricity every day. Their work is truly inspiring to us all.”

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