Pixelle Specialty Solutions releases updated LIMS case study

Published: 14-Nov-2023

An updated case study from Autoscribe Informatics highlights how Pixelle Specialty Solutions uses Matrix Gemini LIMS for its manufacturing QA processes

Pixelle Specialty Solutions is the largest and fastest-growing manufacturer of specialty papers in North America with one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry.

Their products include many types of papers, envelopes, books, bags and even self-adhesive labels.

Its laboratory offers a wide range of analytical capabilities and has some 15 connected instruments. A notable feature of the original LIMS project with Pixelle was that Matrix Gemini LIMS was configured and rolled out to the corporate analytical services group in just 3 months.

Implemented in 2011 on an early version of Matrix Gemini v5.x, the LIMS has been upgraded throughout its life enabling Pixelle to take advantage of security patches, bug fixes, and new features in the product as they became available.

In 2023, Pixelle is upgrading to a new V6.x release of Matrix Gemini, so have been using Matrix Gemini LIMS continuously for more than 12 years.

The case study outlines the challenges Pixelle was facing at the time it chose an Autoscribe Informatics LIMS.

More than 25,000 analyses per year were being done on samples from multiple manufacturing facilities across the US. The vast majority of samples required multiple techniques, performed by many different analysts. This created a significant logistical problem.

Using Matrix Gemini LIMS streamlined their processes and helped manage their complex testing regimes cost effectively.

“It’s great to see companies such as Pixelle Specialty Solutions using Matrix Gemini LIMS for so many years, upgrading when they need to take advantage of the newest software versions,” said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager, Autoscribe Informatics.

“We have many long-term customers, some with us since the early 1990s when Matrix was first released. Working closely with customers allows us to understand their requirements so we can continue to develop the product to suit their needs."

Quotes from the customer in the case study include: “Autoscribe made a major effort to understand the needs of our laboratory, which helped enormously” and “It was a pleasure to work in such a close relationship with Autoscribe to get the original design and implementation through in such a short time."

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