Protagen rebrands as ProtaGene following merger

Published: 12-Jan-2022

Collectively, Protagen Protein Services, BioAnalytix and GeneWerk will now operate as a single group under the new name

Following a merger in July 2021, Protagen Protein Services GmbH, BioAnalytix and GeneWerk have announced unified operations and a rebrand as ProtaGene, a CRO partner for the biopharmaceutical and cell & gene therapy industries.

Protagen Protein Services, an analytic CRO and provider protein science, and BioAnalytix, analytics and data analysis firm, combined in April 2019. GeneWerk, which offers capabilities in vector safety, integration site analysis, and bioinformatics, merged into the group in 2021, creating ProtaGene.

Martin Blüggel, CEO of ProtaGene and the founder of Protagen Protein Services, said: “We are very excited to launch ProtaGene. The track record and reputation of the three legacy entities are individually impressive, and their combination into a single, globally integrated business delivers significant compounded value for our sponsors. Our new scale and breadth of expertise will benefit the impressive list of innovative products we support, both in development and on the market, and ultimately deliver for patients worldwide. We are passionate in our vision to establish ProtaGene as the world’s leading CRO partner in biologics and cell & gene therapy markets.”

Kirtland Poss, CEO-US of ProtaGene and the founder of BioAnalytix, added, “Our collective expertise and unwavering delivery in both protein and gene analytics are well established. By combining our capabilities, platforms and knowledge, we can now provide our U.S.-based biopharmaceutical and gene therapy customers advanced access to the broadest analytical offering from discovery to market, from a single vendor relationship.”

Annette Deichmann, Senior VP of Cell & Gene Therapy at ProtaGene and the co-founder of GeneWerk, said: “We are delighted to embark on this journey, where we will continue to employ our unique expertise and method innovation in cell & gene therapy. Our unique experience in gene analytics – especially integration site analysis, vector purity, vector copy numbers, and bioinformatics analysis for preclinical development and clinical trials – will support many innovators in taking breakthrough therapies to the clinic.”

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