Recipharm signs manufacturing agreement with Enzymatica

Published: 13-Jan-2021

ColdZyme is intended to treat and alleviate common cold and has already been launched in about 30 countries across three continents

Recipharm and Enzymatica have signed a broadened contract for the manufacture of ColdZyme.

The agreement will involve an additional Recipharm production site in Pianezza, Italy, to support Enzymatica in increasing production volumes of ColdZyme to meet global demand. Both the facilities in Parets, Spain, and Pianezza, Italy, will be making additional investments to accommodate requirements moving forward.

Kenth Berg, VP Business Management at Recipharm said: “Signing this expanded agreement is a great example of the long-term partnerships we build with our customers. Not only are we committed to providing high quality services and ensuring we meet project requirements, but we invest to adapt in line with our customers’ needs. This really is a testimony to the strength of our relationship with Enzymatica.”

“Recipharm’s strong track record, extensive expertise in managing the development and manufacturing complexities of combined drug and device products, are part of the reason we have enjoyed such a successful partnership to date. We are confident as we move forward, we can continue to provide the high levels of expertise, regulatory experience, quality and resource to support Enzymatica as they continue to grow.”

Claus Egstrand, COO at Enzymatica said “We’re delighted to have signed this contract with Recipharm. The team’s ability to support us with the production of our products for various markets has been invaluable and we’re confident they’re the right partner for us as we continue to grow on a global scale.”

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