Routes to address the real challenges in serialisation

Published: 8-Mar-2017

A selection of webinars given by experts at Aesica Pharmaceuticals

With a counterfeit drug market now estimated at $200bn, many countries are putting serialisation legislation in place.

In this three part webinar series, Aesica’s experts will discuss the pharmaceutical industry’s preparedness for these regulatory requirements, practical methods to address the real challenges in serialisation now, and advice for planning for the future.

  1. Pharmaceutical SerialisationThe Challenges We, As a CDMO, Are Facing
  2. In this first webinar, Christian Groß, Manager Packaging Technology and Project Manager Serialisation, Aesica Pharmaceuticals will discuss the industry’s preparedness for serialisation legislation and Aesica’s serialisation solution, from concept to delivery.

  3. Serialisation Data IntegrationDrug Safety, Security and The Whole IT Picture
  4. In this second webinar, Ralf Liedke, Director of IT Germany at Aesica, will discuss serial numbers and the corresponding details of Aesica’s serialisation solution.

  5. Pharmaceutical SerialisationOpportunities and Aggregation in the Future
  6. In this third webinar, Catherine Kay, Operations Director at Aesica will discuss the challenges of serialisation and how serialisation capability could be developed to address future needs. For example, if patients can only afford a limited number of tablets at any given time, serialisation to the blister pocket level may be a future requirement.

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