Sabinsa granted patent for selenium-containing dipeptides

Published: 21-Sep-2011

Expected to have medicinal and cosmeceutical uses

Sabinsa has been granted the patent for its latest innovation, selenium-containing dipeptides. The US patent #8,003,614 B2 covers the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications of small peptides incorporating selenium. According to Sabinsa, products based upon the patent (selenodipeptides) will greatly expand the applications of selenium.

L-selenocysteine is a selenium containing amino acid that is a constituent of several important enzymes, including anti-oxidant enzymes like glutathione peroxidases. The selenium containing nutrients contribute to the biosynthesis of selenoenzymes in the body.

The small peptides disclosed in the patent are water soluble and devoid of smell. Sabinsa expects them to have medicinal and cosmeceutical uses modulating the activities of enzymes like vascular endothelial growth factor and 5-α reductase.

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