Saltigo supports customers in the early phases of active ingredient development

Published: 4-Sep-2009

Serving innovative pharmaceutical companies - expertly and flexibly

Satisfied customers always come back

Serving innovative pharmaceutical companies - expertly and flexibly

Satisfied customers always come back

Langenfeld - Saltigo GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of specialty chemicals group LANXESS AG, wants to specifically further strengthen and expand its business relations with innovative pharmaceutical companies. At the Pharma ChemOutsourcing and BOS non-clinical congresses in September, the Pharma business line will therefore present itself as a supplier of exclusive syntheses for the early development stages of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Tony Jones, head of Marketing & Sales in Saltigo's Pharma business line, explains: These forums offer us an excellent opportunity to present our extensive services in the field of active pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis to potential customers from this highly innovative pharmaceutical sector. Our focus is on customer research and custom manufacturing for the pre-clinical and early-clinical phases..

Pharma ChemOutsourcing

From September 14-19, 2009, Saltigo will be present at Pharma ChemOutsourcing in New Jersey, United States. In North America, LANXESS Corporation in the U.S. State of Washington operates the Redmond site for Saltigo. The capacities there increase the company's ability to meet the outsourcing requirements in the field of active ingredient research and projects in the early stages of development, especially for the North American market. Jones expects further growth in the future for this market segment - a view backed up by the considerable market volume for pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients. It is no longer only the blockbusters that characterize the portfolio of smaller pharmaceutical companies,. says Jones, but also a limited, yet attractive range of niche products. This creates interesting business possibilities in the field of exclusive synthesis as such customers often do not have internal capacities available or are not sufficiently flexible to satisfy their expectations with regard to product and market developments..

With the cGMP-qualified facilities in Redmond, consisting of kilogram laboratories and a pilot plant for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for early clinical testing up to and including Phase IIa, Saltigo is in an ideal position to respond quickly to its customers" wishes. Tim Fitzpatrick, head of the Redmond site, explains: Quality and chemical know-how are, on their own, no longer enough to guarantee success. They are nowadays simply basic requirements. Our customers expect service-oriented, overall solutions in which high flexibility, attractive cost models and individual needs play an important role.. The company does everything it can to meet its customers' wishes, and has received very positive feedback since the start-up of the facilities in Redmond. Several customers are now regularly taking advantage of the services the company offers. Fitzpatrick has little doubt in his mind: Only satisfied customers come back. That is why we are very proud of the regular customers we have already won..

Biotech Outsourcing Strategies

At the Biotech Outsourcing Strategies event, due to take place in London on September 22, Saltigo will focus on fluorine chemistry. Dr. Wolfgang Ebenbeck, head of the Fluorine Team in the Pharma business line, will be one of the speakers and will talk about the mounting importance of fluorine chemistry in the research and development of new, highly effective active ingredients in the life science segment. He will give an overview of the latest developments in fluorination methods within Saltigo, and will show how, using these methods, innovative fluorinated building blocks with unique properties can be produced for life science research.

In the last few decades, fluorine chemistry has gained increasing importance in many industrial and technological developments. Fluorinated building blocks have modified physical and chemical properties and, in biologically active substances, have enhanced characteristics such as metabolic stability and lipophilic behavior. Especially in the field of life science, fluorinated building blocks are therefore being increasingly used as key components in the design and development of highly effective active pharmaceutical and agrochemical ingredients. Consequently, pharmaceutical and crop protection research offer the possibility of developing innovative active ingredients with an improved efficacy profile.

Ebenbeck: Fluorine chemistry is and will continue to be a specialist field. It requires suitable technical conditions, expert personnel, and extensive experience. Saltigo can look back on more than 45 years of experience in the field of fluorine chemistry.. Saltigo's Fluorine Team. has a stock of around 4,000 fluorinated intermediates for research, and can also fall back on more than 24,000 synthesis recipes for the production of, in some cases, unique fluorinated building blocks.

Saltigo's Fluorine Team offers customers a wide range of interesting fluorinated building blocks and custom synthesis for exclusive and new modules. Saltigo has at its disposal a comprehensive range of methods and technologies for selective fluorination such as reactions in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, Halex reactions under high pressure, and reactions using perfluorobutane sulfonylfluoride (PBSF). For the production of innovative fluorine modules and intermediate products, the Fluorine Team also has access to a number of other key Saltigo technologies, such as high-pressure hydrogenation, phosgene chemistry, hydrocyanic acid chemistry and microreactor technologies.

This extensive expertise, coupled with Saltigo's many different core technologies, offers customers from the crop protection and pharmaceutical segments optimal conditions for successfully meeting their requirements in the field of fluoro-organics.

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