Sanofi selects Burgopak slider for Maalox Plus

Published: 13-Oct-2011

Yellow carton and orange blister stand out on shelf

Sanofi is using the Burgopak slider for packaging its heartburn treatment, Maalox Plus, which was launched in Italy in September.

Maalox Plus is one of four products to be launched by Sanofi in the Burgopak format. The first was Dolipranelib for the French OTC market in September 2010. Sanofi has also launched Menthe and Citron versions of the drug in this packaging.

The Burgopak’s compact size and engaging opening system is complimented by a bright yellow outer carton and contrasting orange blister chosen by Sanofi. This combination allows the Maalox Plus product to stands out from competitors on pharmacy shelves and help increase consumer brand recognition. The Burgopak slider design itself focuses on patient compliance and ensures that all vital information is clearly displayed and available whenever the product is used.

The Burgopak slider was launched into the pharmaceutical market in 2008.

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